Here’s What BTS’s Jimin And MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Surprisingly Have In Common, And You’ll Never Guess It Just By Looking At Them

Can you guess it simply by looking at them? Nope.

Looking at BTS‘s Jimin and MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul at first glance, you may think that the two of them have absolutely nothing in common.

After all, they’re from different entertainment agencies from different groups.

They also debuted in different years.

And when you check out the “official” positions in their respective groups, Jimin is a certified vocalist…

…while Moonbyul can rap your socks off.

Sure, they’re both great dances in their own right, but that’s a dead giveaway since most K-Pop idols are capable of dancing, after all.

Their ages aren’t similar or close to each other, too.

And they don’t even have similar habits such as Moonbyul’s “greasy tendencies”…

…or Jimin’s trademark eye-smile…

…so what do they have in common, then?

It’s their ability to perform wonderful performances that broke gender stereotypes — it’s their daring move to do what is not expected of them, because they know that in order to change the world, you need to ruffle some feathers, too.

For example, Jimin wonderfully performed Buchaechum which is a traditional form of Korean dance also called a fan dance, usually performed by groups of Korean female dancers.

Look at him wonderfully performing this traditional dance and showcasing their culture to the world.

And Moonbyul daringly wore a Korean hanbok that’s usually worn by men!

She even did a whole traditional drum performance, once again proving that traditional dances don’t need to be limited to certain genders.

So if you’re an ARMYMoo, you’re fortunate enough to be stanning two idol groups that aren’t afraid to speak their truth.

This isn’t the first time BTS has successfully broken barriers. Check out the next article below.

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