Here’s Why BTS’s Jin Always Carries Around This Pillow

You will be touched when you find out why.

BTS fans are well aware of the striped pillow that Jin always carries around with him when he travels. Fans were curious as to why he always used this pillow. Let’s take a look, shall we?




There are many photos of him at the airport holding the pillow before heading overseas.



He is also seen many times using the pillow throughout plane rides.



It is a staple in his hotel room when they are overseas for certain schedules and performances.



This pillow is also being called ‘Seokin’s favorite pillow’ by fans.



It was later discovered that this pillow was given to him as a gift from a fan in 2017.



This pillow was also seen during their shooting of Bon Voyage 4 in New Zealand.




You can see the clip below of him taking out his pillow from his luggage.




He was even captured sleeping on this pillow rather than the hostel pillows.



Fans were touched that he used the gift with such love and care.



Watch the full clip below!