Here’s Why BTS’s RM Is The Best K-Pop Idol Leader

RM is a born-to-be leader!

Reporters in the entertainment industry have nothing but good things to say about BTS’s RM. Here are just several reasons as to why RM is an amazing leader.



Reporter Ji Seung Hoon feels that RM is a well-rounded leader in that he not only leads the group, but also works behind the scenes producing music as well. Age does not matter when it comes to BTS as they have many fans even in their 50s and 60s. He has become a role model for the global audience, with even parents wanting their child to grow up like RM.




RM’s ability to skillfully communicate in English also helped immensely during their overseas activities. He was able to translate for the members as well as the hosts and allowed for a smooth interview. Although groups usually have at least one member from abroad, BTS is made up of all Korea-born members with no one ever studying abroad. This is probably why RM’s UN speech was such a hot topic. Reporter Park Hyun Min believes RM’s UN speech was something that we may never see again in Korean history.




Another great trait of RM is the way he answers to questions during showcases and press conferences. Most groups have restrictions on what they can and cannot say, because their agency controls their answers. But RM and BTS are very open and free when it comes to questions. RM has a unique habit of writing things down. He is always seen writing down questions and thinking about how to answer them. This has become well-known among reporters and they are always curious and intrigued with what RM has to say. This has become so popular that they have seen other artists doing this too at their showcases.




Reporter Park Hyun Min believes that a true leader really shines after they become famous. Being a good leader before the spotlight is one thing, but it’s after becoming famous that truly tests the power of the leader. RM is able to keep everyone grounded in order to maintain their reputation regardless of all the fans and media.




Reporter Choi Hyun Joo remembers something RM said during her interview with them in 2015. RM had stated, “We will work in an earnest yet composed way.” This really stuck with Choi and made her more interested in learning more about the group.





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