Here’s How Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing Paid Off $123 Million USD In Debt In Just 2 Days

She is free and clear.

According to a Chinese media outlet, Fan Bingbing has paid off her 880 million Yuan ($123,107,600 USD) in taxes and penalties within just 2 days of receiving the notice.

Shortly after she was ordered to pay this amount for not reporting and paying taxes of 248 million Yuan ($34,693,960 USD), she reportedly listed 41 apartment units in Beijing for sale.

Fan Bingbing Reportedly Selling 41 Apartment Units To Pay Off Taxes And Penalties

It is unclear whether the listings have been sold or if the money was used to clear her taxes and penalties. Nonetheless, Fan Bingbing was seen for the first time in months following her mysterious disappearance leaving a building that is assumed to be a tax office, with her bodyguards.

The video has since been deleted, however, as the official announcement was not yet made due to the National Day of the People’s Republic China.

Meanwhile, the fact that Fan Bingbing has paid off her taxes within just two days of receiving notice reinforces what she has once said in the past: “I do not want to marry a rich man. This is because I myself am rich.”