Here’s A Close-Up Of BTS’s Stunning Samsung Galaxy S20+ And Buds+ Collaboration

Who else wants ’em? 🙋

BTS recently announced that they were collaborating with Samsung to release a limited edition design of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ and Samsung Galaxy Buds+, and close-up videos of the two have finally been uploaded by netizens. To no one’s surprise, they are as beautiful in person as they are in pictures!

As seen in the official photos released by the company several days ago, the phone is characterized by a beautiful purple back with the group’s logo at the bottom. An especially unique and cute touch was the addition of a heart beside the rear cameras.

The Galaxy Buds+, on the other hand, are enclosed in a purple charging case. The buds themselves are a combination of black and purple, which deviates from the standard uni-color design of the other Galaxy Buds+ releases.

In an unboxing video released by the Youtube channel 안구정화TV, Your Korean Friend, fans are able to get a glimpse at how the phone and wearable look like in person.

The phone’s glass and metal exterior is, as expected, a gorgeous iridescent purple. The heart beside the rear cameras adds a subtle but adorable touch to the phone.

Many viewers were pleasantly surprised to find that it is coated in a matte finish—a stark contrast to the previously released Note 10 that had a shiny glass back.

When opening the phone, a heart outlines the BTS logo and the words “I Believe In Your Galaxy” appear.

A specially designed galaxy theme greets the user once the phone is opened. Quite beautifully, a majestic constellation of a whale can be seen in the center.

Included in the box are the phone, a charger, earphones, clear case, stickers, and photocards of the seven BTS members.

The photocards were described as being of high quality, and the boys look as handsome as ever!

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition also amazes with its stunning design and subtle BTS touches. The logo can be found on the front of the charging case…

As well as on the left earbuds. The heart once again makes an appearance on the right earbuds…

And below the opening of the charging case.

True to the official pictures that were released, the Galaxy Buds+ are black with purple accents.

The box comes with a USB Type C cable, extra ear tips of varying sizes, photocards of the members, and a purple case with the words “I Purple You” printed on them.

The photocards are similar to the ones included in the Samsung Galaxy S20+ box but are different enough that it would still be nice to have both!

If you want to see more shots of the phone and earbuds, check out the full video below!

Source: Theqoo and 안구정화TV, Your Korean Friend