Here’s A Compilation Of BTS V’s Cutest Childhood Photos That Are Guaranteed To Make You Go “Aww”

Adorable ❤️

BTS V‘s transformation from childhood until now has once again become a hot topic of conversation.

As a baby, V was already stealing hearts with his superior cuteness!

Just like how he is now, he boasted a bright smile and wide eyes.

He was an endearing little boy who was just too cute for words!

His famous “box smile” was even captured in a picture.

How cute is he in this towel and matching headband?

He had short hair with little bangs that were spread apart.

His playfulness never went away, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Anyone say prince-like visuals?

Because that’s V!

You can clearly see that he was born handsome.

Yup, this picture screams V, alright.

We can imagine that he was very popular as a kid!

With such a handsome face, it would be surprising if he wasn’t.

If we were to rate V’s visuals growing up, it would definitely be 10/10!