Here’s “Crash Landing On You” Actor Yang Kyung Won Singing… His Way On To Your Stan List

“You’ve been hiding one revolutionary voice from us…”

Meet actor Yang Kyung Won, who played the role of the North Korean soldier Pyo Chi Su in the hit K-Drama Crash Landing On You — which aired its final episode earlier this month and throned itself the #1 series with the highest viewer ratings in the history of all tvN dramas.

Since the viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with the cheeky Pyo Chi Su, Yang Kyung Won has gained quite a bit of attention for his realistic-AF portrayal of this North Korean tsundere.

And with his most recent appearance in a YouTube live video with vocalist Jin Min Ho, singing “Half” and surprising everyone with his pleasant vocal skills…

… this multi-talented Yang Kyung Won is now securing his spot on all the K-Drama fans’ stan list!

Hey soldier, what is up with this voice?! It sounds nothing like I expected. Did you fool us all with your porky?!??!??!?

Soldier Pyo Chi Su… You’ve been hiding one revolutionary voice from us…

Who is this man, seriously… I can’t stop replaying 1:04. Pyo Chi Su, you dangerous man… I’m starting to think you’re good-looking too…

Soldier Pyo Chi Su, this is a foul. You can’t be serious with that vocal!

In case you’re wondering, actor Yang Kyung Won actually started prepping for his actor career at a musical acting school — where he first picked up tap dancing, then acting. He studied architecture in college and used to work in an architecture firm until he realized his heart wanted to be on the stage, in the spotlight.

I had a chance to learn tap dancing in college. I’d say that’s when I found my passion in dancing and singing. I moved on to work in a company, but the passion hadn’t gone away. So every weekend, I would go to this musical acting school and worked on tap dancing. Soon I was too hooked and I was going every day. Eventually, after two years of working there, I quit my job at the architecture firm. I couldn’t stop thinking about acting. So I decided I should give it a try when I can and see if it is something I really want to do. Fortunately, this is exactly what I wanted.

— Yang Kyung Won

Before Crash Landing On You, he also boasted his passion-fueled acting skills in Arthdal ChroniclesAvid K-Drama watchers can’t wait to see more of Yang Kyung Won in more shows, as different characters that can highlight all his talents!

Source: Star News