Here’s Proof GOT7’s JB Might Be The Real-Life Inspiration Behind A Popular Webtoon Character

Netizens are convinced JB is the real-life version of the character:

Sometimes our favorite idols make surprise appearances in the most unlikely spots, like in our favorite webcomics, but netizens are convinced that GOT7‘s JB not only made an appearance in a popular webtoon but that he’s actually the inspiration behind one of the characters!

With his ridiculously good-looks, amazing vocals, heart-stopping dance moves, jaw-dropping b-boy skills, excellent leadership skills, and heartwarming personality JB has made many fans fall for his charms.

And one of those people that netizens are convinced has fallen for his charms is the author of the popular webtoon series True Beauty! In fact, they believe she based the second male lead, Han Seo Joon, off of JB!

With visuals and styles that match JB’s it isn’t too hard to see why some netizens have begun to believe that JB is her real-life inspiration for the character.

It’s even more apparent when you look at pictures where fans edited in JB’s signature moles onto Han Seo Joon!

But it’s not just his visuals that have netizens convinced it’s JB. Han Seo Joon is known for having a tsundere type personality. His often cold appearance hides a very warm heart and JB has often been labeled as a tsundere type himself!

Fans were already pretty convinced that JB was the real-life inspiration for Han Seo Joon but they recently discovered something else that they think is even more proof! It turns out the author even follows JB on her Instagram page!

Although the author hasn’t confirmed it yet, JB really could be the real version of Han Seo Joon!

Meanwhile, True Beauty is set to get a K-Drama adaptation. Check out the cast:

“True Beauty” Webtoon Drama Adaptation Confirms Actor For Han Seo Joon – Netizens Disapprove