Here’s How These Fans Caught The Eye Of Their Idols At Fan Meetings

Would you go as far to be noticed?

Fan meetings can get super crowded and it is easy for one to get lost in the sea, given that idols have to meet so many fans each time. For the lucky few that get a little creative however, you could be spotted by your fave. Here’s how these fans took matters into their own hands to draw the eye of their bias.

1. Wearing an actual wedding gown.

If you can’t get the idol to come to the wedding, bring the wedding to them! A fan dressed up in her version of a wedding gown to attend an NCT fan meeting. Check out Doyoung‘s expression when he saw it!

2. Go as one of their iconic moments.

The cut of Ten as Mona Lisa during NCT‘s Halloween celebration has hit 12 million views on Twitter, prompting the fan to recreate the look for her chance to meet them during one of their fan meetings in China. He certainly remembered her, even posing cutely in the far distance as she stood up to take a selfie in the midst of it all.

3. Go a step further and bring the marriage certificate.

Instead of a wedding dress, go for the practical route and bring the license instead! A fan had been ardently pleading for B.I‘s hand in marriage as it seems, as he commented “This isn’t your first time doing this right?” to which she replied, “it’s my third!”


As posted by KIMJ1WON on Twitter.

4. Leaving a mark, or a shoe, behind…

This fan wasn’t one to wait around for fairytales it seems! She went and created her own. The creative girl went to a Wanna One fan meeting dressed as Cinderella, and got her autograph, leaving behind a single glass slipper in return. Jisung‘s amused expression and the stoic look on the bodyguard’s face was worth it!

5. Praying hard for your bias to notice you, it seems.

This one fan went as a Taoist monk to an EXO fan meeting. Decked in all-white in a monk’s robe, she completed the look with a white wig. It was said that while Sehun did not laugh out loud upon seeing her, Chanyeol clapped for her and Sehun eventually did ask her to do a full turn to show him her outfit, as retold by Twitter user, @xunhuas.

6. Kaonashi from “Spirited Away”.

The famous character from Ghibli apparently took a trip into the human world to visit SechskiesJaejin during his fan meeting, even profering some golden coins to her beloved idol.

7. Making an entrance as a T-Rex.

A fan of EXO‘s Lay, went to his solo fan meeting once, dressed as a monstrous T-Rex. How she even fitted through doors is still a surprise til this very day. At least she got the approval and thumbs up from the man himself!

8. When in doubt, go as the idols themselves.

This fan is famous for cosplaying as Baekhyun‘s various looks throughout different promotional cycles. In 2019, she went as Baekhyun from “Kokobop“, after previously showing up at a different fan meeting as him in “The One“. Baekhyun of course, remembered her and even told her he was excited to see what she would come as next.

9. Going bananas.

This fan dressed up as a fruit itself, for no explicable reason other than comedy and love for her idol. Yeonjun‘s expression was priceless, and probably made the experience worth it!

10. Evoking childhood memories.

Lastly, at a fan meeting for LOONA’s Choerry, an adorable Orbit dressed as a teletubbies character, leading Choerry to jump up and dance with the fan!

Fan meetings can get tiring and taxing for both fans and the idol, so we’re sure that these amusing moments can brighten up the day of those on site! We can’t wait to see what else fans cook up in the future.