Here’s Why Gay Korean Men Are So Crazy About BTS’s Jin

Everyone loves Jin.

A past post on Instiz titled “This idol member is quickly gaining crazy amounts of popularity among gay men in Korea” gained a lot of attention.


That popular idol? Was none other than BTS’s Jin.


Gay-identifying Netizens noticed Jin, Mr. Worldwide Handsome and Third One From The Left, for a variety of reasons.

His eyes.. they glitter.. so pretty.


Other’s were surprised to see it was him!

I never expected it to be Jin lol.


Mostly though, readers were not surprised…

Senpai is popular even in the gay community.


… because Jin’s beauty is unmatched!

Senpai ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ who told you you were allowed to be this beautiful.

“Seokjin you’re so beautiful.”



Despite his popularity, however, Jin never received gifts for Pepero Day at his all-boys school.


Bet a few of those boys are regretting it now!

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