Here’s What Happened When A Korean Woman Asked Her Mom About Dating A Foreigner

Did you expect this answer?

Korean vlogger Jina Kim generously shares different aspects of her life, including sharing why she doesn’t think other people shouldn’t move to Korea and her experience dating a Korean idol.

Well, Jina made a video about her experience asking her mom what she would think if she started dating a foreigner.

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

Jina’s mom’s answer was surprising… In a good way!

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

In true mom form, Jina’s mom expressed that the important thing was her daughter found someone capable that could take care of her.

… Rather than a Korean with no job and a bad personality, a foreigner with a good job is much better.

—Jina’s mom

Source: itsjinakim/YouTube

If you’re interested in seeing the adorable dynamic between Jina and her mom, as well as hearing more Korean mom opinion, watch the video below: