Six Reasons To NOT Move To Korea, As Told By A Korean

Who knew there was so much to consider?

Fashion and lifestyle vlogger Jina Kim who shares all the greatest advice on her YouTube channel, from how to tell whether a Korean guy is into you and why you definitely shouldn’t date a K-Pop idol, is back with more advice, and as always, it is practical, need to hear information.

It goes without saying that we all love Korea! From the food to the fashion, to K-Pop and everything in between, what’s not to love? Jina provides us with a local’s insight as to what it’s like living in Korea, as well as giving us things to think about that we may not have considered previously!

Reason 1: Air pollution.

In the excitement of planning a big move, few people consider the difference in the environment. Jina laments air pollution and says a popular belief is that the fine dust comes from China, and she doesn’t feel that the government is providing practical solutions to the fine dust. Koreans also check the fine dust in the morning using their Naver app. Because of air pollution, many families own expensive air purifiers. While this may not affect the average person, anyone with severe allergies or asthma might have to take this into consideration before taking the leap!

Reason 2: It’s crowded!

Depending on where you live in Korea, it can be very crowded! If a restaurant is popular, you’ll end up waiting in line forever. Want to watch a movie? Ride the subway or bus? You’ll have to wait in line!

Reason 3: True romance is unlikely.

Jina notes that Korean dramas set the expectation for what dating is like in Korea, however, f*ckbois exist there as well. Because you’re foreign, a Korean person might be interested in you simply because you look different or what you can offer them, like teaching them English, rather than who you are.

Reason 4: Koreans are cold and rude.

We’ve all heard the stereotype that Koreans are cold and rude, but ultimately what it comes down to is cultural differences. Jina shares an anecdote about how Korean grandmas at restaurants might swear a lot, and while it could be offputting to a foreigner, it’s really just the way they express their love to their customers.

Koreans may look a little cold outside but we have very warm hearts inside.


Reason 5: You might have a crazy boss and co-workers.

If you’re not good at your job in America, you’ll probably get fired. But, if you’re not good at your job in Korea, Jina says they’ll make you crazy with their mouths, especially if you’re a woman. Your boss might make negative comments about your appearance, including whether you’ve gained weight or how much you’re eating, which isn’t okay, but is, unfortunately, something Korean women deal with daily.

Reason 6: Cyberbullying and mean comments are part of the reality there.

Despite having very, very fast Internet, the major drawback to being online in Korea is the malicious comments left by netizens. As a vlogger, Jina says she frequently receives comments about how ugly she is, and whenever she reads comments on Naver, people always seem to be hating on others.

I feel like there are just so many mean comments, so if you’re not going to do your social media or you’re not going to do YouTube stuff then you don’t need to worry about that.


Jina’s comments and observations are especially interesting in light of a recent episode of Unanswered Questions in which the TV program took a look at the “hate” culture that is rampant in Korean society, which played a large part in K-Pop idol Sulli’s untimely passing.

What do you think about Jina’s reasons for not moving to Korea? Have you thought about them before, or have her words given you pause on what a major life change moving to Korea would be?


If you’re interested in watching Jina’s video, check it out below: