Here’s The Hardest Idol Hairstyle To Do, According To A K-Pop Hairstylist With 20+ Years Experience

It’s iconic!

A hairstylist with over 20 years of experience, Go Seoyoon, revealed in AYO‘s “Comment Defendors” series what the hardest hairstyle she’s ever done on an idol was.

If you’re a seasoned K-Pop fan—or even if you’re just aware of K-Pop trends—then you’ll be familiar with the hairstyle of 2NE1‘s Dara when they promoted “Lollipop”.


Commonly known as “pineapple hair”, Dara made headlines for her unique up-do that used a ton of hair spray.

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Go Seoyoon revealed how she made it possible.

The first thing she did was to gather Dara’s hair together and tie it up. It had to be so tight that it should have felt like her entire scalp was going to tear off.

When I did 2NE1’s hairstyle, I tied it really tight like the scalp was gonna be torn off.

— Go Seoyoon

Dara must have felt like it was worth the pain!

For another hairstyle that she did on Dara, she had to spray an entire can on her hair to ensure that it stayed up.

There’s a hairstyle that I put the hair up and stretched it out. It took the whole spray can.

— Go Seoyoon

Even though they were daring hairstyles, she felt as if Dara was able to pull them off because of her beauty.

Her face is super small and pretty. Anyways, her face did everything.

— Go Seoyoon

Would you like to see K-Pop revive this unique hairstyle?

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