Here’s The Idol Who Debuted After Training For Just ONE DAY

She trained for one day before debuting.

It’s common knowledge that being a trainee isn’t easy. In fact, a former SM Entertainment trainee Stella Kim, who was with the company for 4-5 years, revealed she struggled with self-image problems and later developed an eating disorder because of everything she went through.

Photo of SM Entertainment Communication Center

While idols train for as little as five months, like Dreamcatcher‘s Handong, or as long as ten years, like TWICE‘s Jihyo… One idol managed to debut after training for just ONE day. Can you guess who it is? Hardcore Orbits are already screaming the answer! It’s LOONA‘s Olivia Hye!

LOONA’s Olivia Hye

It sounds fake, but it’s true! Olivia Hye was the last member added to LOONA, and she revealed that she only trained for ONE DAY during an appearance on Ji Suk Jin‘s radio show. Olivia said, “My training period is exactly one day. I debuted right after that.

LOONA’s Olivia Hye

It seems that Blockberry Creative just knew talent when it saw it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Did you know Olivia Hye was a trainee for just one day?

Watch LOONA’s latest MV for “So What” below:

Source: Quora