Here’s An In-Depth Look At The Life Of A Sasaeng Fan…And It’s Quite Scary

A sasaeng even reveals why they do such extreme actions.

While there are plenty of great K-Pop fans, a lot of idols have to deal with sasaeng fans throughout their careers. A sasaeng is an obsessive fan who does extreme actions towards their favorite celebrities, such as stalking them or invading their privacy.

Lee Joon, who is now a former member of MBLAQ, was once followed to the restroom by a sasaeng.

Sasaengs even sneak into their favorite celebrities’ houses to steal their items, such as their underwear.

A sasaeng sat down for an interview and shared some details about the lifestyle. One of the main reasons sasaengs act so extremely is so that they could get attention from their favorite celebrities.

That normal fans are not usually recognized, but sasaengs get recognized due to their extreme actions.

Sasaengs also have many methods to find out where a celebrity is going, such as snooping around on social networks.

Finding information about their favorite celebrities is a rather easy task for some sasaengs.

Finding out personal information is another goal that some sasaengs seek, as they may seek jobs that make this task easier.

Sasaengs also have no shame regarding privacy, as they’ll enter their favorite celebrities’ house if the door is unlocked.

Sasaengs also go to extreme lengths to earn money to feed their obsession, as some even go into prostitution.

Taxis are another tool that sasaengs utilize to stalk their favorite celebrities.

Normal fans are also treated roughly by sasaengs, as they believe they deserve priority over “less dedicated” fans.

Here is the full video below.

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