Here’s An Interesting Fact That Proves Just How Mature IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Is Despite Her Age

Two different roads, but they still debuted in the same group.

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung is one of the youngest current idols in K-Pop, where she’s only 15 years old (international age).

Wonyoung was only 13 years old when she participated in Produce 48, but her mature appearance didn’t give off this image. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon also appeared on a survival program when she was 13 years old. Chaeyeon appeared on K-Pop Star 3 with the hopes of getting accepted as an idol trainee.

These two were of similar ages, but Wonyoung was preparing to debut as an idol and was already a K-Pop trainee. Chaeyeon was auditioning to become an idol trainee and trying to show off her skills.

While these two might have had different roads to debuting, they still ended up in the same group and have shown off their close bond on multiple occasions.