Here’s What The ITZY Girls Looked Like Before They Became Korea’s Top 4th Gen Girl Group

Have they always looked fierce and glamorous?

1. Ryujin

The main rapper and center of the group has been a familiar face to K-Pop fans since she entered the survival show MIXNINE. Her youthful looks and captivating smile has been her trademark since she was a cute kid.

2. Yeji

ITZY’s charismatic leader has been a cutie since pre-debut! Besides her smashing and unique face her dance moves are also a key focus for ITZY’s success.

3. Chaeryeong

The main dancer of ITZY trained for 3 years before debuting. She’s the most baby faced member which doesn’t mean she has always possessed a natural chic charm!

4. Lia

The group’s main vocalist used to live in Canada and can speak English without trouble. Her honey voice fits perfectly her sweet looks. It seems she’s getting more gorgeous by the day!

5. Yuna

ITZY’s maknae might look mature but she’s just 16 years old and graduated middle school in December of 2018. Her big eyes and charming smile has been catching a lot of attention lately!