Here’s Some Of IZ*ONE’s First Impressions Of Each Other From “Produce 48”

Some of the members gave off scary impressions.

Despite having been a group for less than 2 years, the IZ*ONE members have shown their family-like bond many times.

During an episode of IZ*ONE Chu, the members decided to share some of their first impressions of each other from their time on Produce 48. A lot of the members agreed that Eunbi was quite scary when they first saw her.

Despite being from the same company, even Chaewon found Eunbi to be scary when they first met.

Despite their initial impressions, the members found that Eunbi is quite the sweetheart once they got to know her. Yuri even has a fond memory of Eunbi trying to get all the trainees to interact with each other.

When the members all had to vote on the member with the scariest first impression, Eunbi got most of the votes.

Yujin got the second-highest amount of votes, and Chaeyeon goes on to explain that Yujin gave off a scary image when she first saw her.

Yena also got a vote, and Yuri explains her reasoning on why she selected her.

The members then go on to tease Yuri a bit, as they almost perfectly imitate what Yuri was like on Produce 48.

Here is the full video below!