Here’s How Kang Daniel Is Helping Korean Middle School Students Learn English

He spiced up the lesson.

South Korea’s EBS channel is geared toward school-bound viewers, so it features countless educational programs that help students learn, test prep, and earn good grades.


For such programs’ hosts, it means they must find ways to keep the views by engaging the students well enough that they don’t end up flipping channels. And one middle-school level English instructor found the perfect way to do that…


… and it was by incorporating Kang Daniel into his lesson!


The slide read, “Let’s make an advertisement to look for your dream boy / girl.” While the topic may seem a wild one, even middle school students can dream, right?


The next slide, as an example of the “advertisement” that students have to make, described what seemed to be exactly Kang Daniel:


And thanks to Kang Daniel, Korean middle school students now know how to use the proper adjectives and sentence formations to look for their dream boys and girls. What a clever way to get the students interested!

Source: THEQOO

Kang Daniel