Here’s What JYJ Jaejoong’s Been up to Since Being Discharged From the Military

Kim Jaejoong has recently been discharged from the military late last year, and has updated his fans on how he has been spending his days since then on his Instagram.

Upon being discharged from the military, Kim Jaejoong has been giving his fans a glimpse into what his life is like as a “civilian” again via Instagram. He revealed he met up with his friends and enjoyed a few drinks, played in the snow, and celebrated his birthday with fellow JYJ member, Junsu.

Junsu: Happy birthday hyung~!!!!!!^^
Jaejoong: My birthday isn’t anything special♡
Junsu: ㅋㅋ
Junsu: Why did you respond so quickly
Junsu: You surprised me
Jaejoong: ♡
Jaejoong: See you in a bit

On January 28, Kim Jaejoong revealed he flew to Brisbane, Australia to film a fashion photoshoot with Cosmopolitan magazine.

#Brisbane The weather’s nice

The next day, he uploaded a picture of him pampering himself in Brisbane with a face mask that had “The goddess is here” written on his forehead, and “self” and “illuminating” written on each individual cheek.

“I just brought the only facial pack left at my house and it turns out to be this one”

He has since been uploading photos of himself soaking up some Australian sun at the Gold Coast, enjoying a beer, and trying Australian barbecue.

It’s great to see Jaejoong enjoys being back!

Source: Dispatch