Here’s A Look At BLACKPINK Lisa’s Growth Over The Years: From “BOOMBAYAH” To “LALISA”

Let’s take a look at how much Lisa’s grown, from her debut to solo!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has awed fans and idols alike with her raw talent and amazing performances ever since she first debuted. In anticipation of her upcoming solo, LALISA, let’s take a look at how much she’s grown over the years — using official concept photos from her releases!


Lisa made her debut as a member of BLACKPINK in 2016 with the songs “BOOMBAYAH” and “WHISTLE.” Lisa made a huge first impression with her adorable looks and powerful stage presence!

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8. “Playing With Fire” & “Stay”

Later that same year, BLACKPINK released “Playing With Fire” and “Stay.” These tracks showed a more emotional side to the group’s music, and Lisa fit this concept just as well as the powerful one!

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7. “As If It’s Your Last”

Released in 2017, “As If It’s Your Last” was a total commercial success, selling more than 2.5 million copies in South Korea and topping domestic and global charts. It was the group’s first “Pink” concept according to Jisoo and Lisa totally aced it!

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DDDD came out in 2018 and fans still can’t get enough of it; it was the first and fastest video by a K-Pop group to reach 1 billion views and to this day is the most-viewed K-Pop group MV on YouTube. Everything about Lisa was so iconic in this era, from her outfits to her rap!

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5. “Kill This Love”

Lisa fit the strong, dark  vibes of “Kill This Love” so perfectly! Her first rap verse in the song will go down in history for being so iconic. The song topped charts in Korea as well as in the USA and the UK and the music video broke the record for most views in 24 hours at the time!

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4. “How You Like That”

“How You Like That” was the title track off of BLACKPINK’s first studio album and it fully lived up to expectations! For this comeback, Lisa blew everyone away with her confidence and powerful dance, and we all knew something big was in store for her future.

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3. “Ice Cream”

“Ice Cream” was a collaboration between BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez that showed more of the group’s “Pink” side! Lisa was effortlessly cool in the music video and looked gorgeous in this colorful concept — just look at her teaser photo!

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2. “Lovesick Girls”

“Lovesick Girls” is BLACKPINK’s latest group single. The song focused on the feeling of heartbreak with an energetic chorus you can’t help but sing along to. Lisa showed that she can pull off bubbly, playful choreography just as well as hard-hitting ones! Also, her two-tone bob haircut was simply perfection.

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Lisa’s solo debut, “LALISA” is coming out on September 10, and fans can’t wait to see what she has in store for us! The concept photos shocked fans with their mysterious tone. Her debut is sure to be legendary!

Lisa’s potential seems to be limitless as she keeps improving with every single release! Check out some more details about her upcoming solo, LALISA, below.

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