Here’s Why Male Fans Are Attracted To BTS’s Jimin

Jimin is truly breaking barriers as he becomes a favorite for all genders.

We all know that BTS’s Jimin is loved by all people. But why is it that Jimin attracts more male fans than other BTS members? Let’s take a look.





During photo times before music shows, there are many fans that come out to support and see the group. Many times, the voices of male fans overpower female fans as they show their love for Jimin.





There have many male celebrities that have shown their love for Jimin. Soccer player James Rodriguez gave Jimin a shoutout of his birthday from his team’s official social media account.





A famous male idol from China named Yu Mingjun is known to be another big fan of Jimin.





The famous Hollywood director Gus Van Sant even stated that he would like to shoot a movie with Jimin as the main actor.





According to charts, BTS’s Jimin ranked first in popularity among Korean male teenagers aging from 13-18.

For males in their 20s, Jimin took second place.



Some might be confused as to why Jimin is on this list beside all these other female celebrities. Fans say that males are drawn to Jimin because of his dancing. Jimin is known for his beautiful dance lines and was a top ranking student in his art high school. Once Jimin starts to dance, everyone is immersed in his beauty. It is our natural instinct to be attracted to beauty no matter how feminine or masculine it may be. Jimin has the exceptional abilities to understand dancing and is said to have raised the bar when it comes to idol choreography.





This may be why Jimin’s dancing fancams always reach top views online.





Another reason Jimin may attract more male fans could be due to his unexpected charms. From his face, many people seem to feel a sense of sexiness and cuteness at the same time. It’s rare for someone to have these contrasting looks at the same time.





There’s no doubt that once you Jim-IN, you can’t Jim-OUT!