Here’s Why MAMAMOO’s Wheein Got Upset At Moonbyul — Including How Moonbyul Apologized

Their “fight” was displayed online for the whole Internet to see.

There is no doubt that the relationship between MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and Wheein

…is that of a relationship between two close friends who feel comfortable with each other.

Only close friends would feel perfectly comfortable with sharing secrets and whispering with each other in public, after all.

The duo is also well-loved by the MAMAMOO fandom because of their playful tendency to indulge the fans in fan-service.

Their playful stares and adorable interactions on stage is something that all MooMoos all adore, too.

So what happens when these two friends playfully banter online?

Pure entertainment, of course! You see, it all started when Moonbyul posted a photo of her on her official Instagram account.

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ILJIDO 🦋 #m_f #moonbyul #문별

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Wheein left a comment on it, but because she wasn’t verified at that time yet, Moonbyul wasn’t able to reply to her immediately.

She had to scroll a lot of comments before finding what Wheein commented on.

Moonbyul: I found Wheeinie~ you’re here 😁😁😁😁
Wheein: Hmph

Upon reading Wheein’s reply, lots of MooMoos asked Moonbyul why Wheein was upset at her and she replied that it was because she wasn’t able to reply to Wheein’s comment since she turned off her notifications.

Thankfully, they’re both good now because of Moonbyul’s sweet apology:

Moonbyul: Calm down please, sorry baby

Their cute interaction made a lot of MooMoos happy, especially after reading Moonbyul’s apology.

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