Here’s MAMAMOO’s Brutally Honest Answer When They Were Asked If They Were Really Shy

The members were asked about their “shyness”, and their answer isn’t really what you’d expect it to be.

The girls of MAMAMOO have managed to build a wonderful image of being talented performers…

…and extra AF K-Pop idols, especially when it comes to wearing hilarious and UwU-like costumes on stage…

…doing random poses whenever they have their fan meetings, or even…

…posing unusually when they’re fortunate enough to grace the red carpets at any event that they have ever attended.

Perhaps it is because of their “hyperactive” image, confident personas on stage and playful personalities that many people find it hard to believe their answer when they were asked about being “shy”.

Once they were asked about their members, the members directly answered that, yes, the truth is that they are really shy.

It’s a bit surprising to know about, considering that the members always look like they’re having fun while performing, while simply attending an event or even while being guests at various TV shows — just look at them go here!

They’re also known as a group who’s not afraid to laugh out loud, so what do they mean by being “shy”? Is there a different definition that fans may not know about?

According to Moonbyul, they feel down whenever they go to an event because of their shyness.

The reason why the members get rid off their shyness whenever they’re performing is because they can “have fun” and also because they have all prepared for it together…

…like bibimbap, as Hwasa beautifully puts it.

All members prepare for their performances one by one, with different ideas and different themes, so whenever they join together to perform as a group, it’s as wonderful as a bibimbap!


The truth of the matter, though, is that even though the members of MAMAMOO have admitted to being “shy”, they’re certainly brave when it comes to revealing the “damaging secret” of their leader, Solar. Find out the full details by clicking on the article below.

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