Here’s How Much Money Chinese Fans Spent On G-Dragon Last Year 

You may want to sit down for this.

G-Dragon’s fans have attracted attention after it was discovered how much they spent on him and his merchandise last year.

A chart showing how much fans spent on specific celebrity-related items on Taobao (one of China’s largest online shopping malls) was released. Taobao purchases are a big indicator of a celebrity’s popularity in China.

G-Dragon came in fourth place as fans purchased tons of his merchandise and clothing items. They purchased a total of at least 247 million yuan ($37.9 million USD) worth.

Chinese stars naturally took the rest of the tops spots, making G-Dragon the only foreigner in the rankings!

It’s no surprise G-Dragon managed to place so high on these rankings, especially considering BIGBANG’s immense popularity in the country.

Fans were even willing to pay $200,000 for bulk concert tickets only to find out that the tickets were a scam.

[★TRENDING] G-Dragon’s Chinese fans get scammed for over $200,000 trying to get BIGBANG concert tickets

In 2016, his collaboration with 8 Seconds attracted a lot of Chinese tourists who wanted to get their hands on their G-Dragon merchandise.

What an influence!


Source: Dispatch and Chosun