Here’s Why It’s Practically Impossible For YG Entertainment Labelmates To Date Each Other

YG Entertainment is extremely strict about this.

YG Entertainment is known to be quite strict with their artists about dating, especially rookies. BLACKPINK have even shared that rookies at the company are banned from dating.


The company is so strict on dating that they’ve practically made it impossible for labelmates to ever date each other.


That’s because YG Entertainment prevents their trainees from meeting and mingling with each other. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has shared that the company makes male and female trainees eat at a different time so that they can’t interact with each other.


Even the eating times of trainees are different. At YG’s cafeteria, if the boys eat at 6 o’clock, the girls will eat at 7 o’clock.

— Jisoo

It’s not just trainees either, as male and female artists at the company are also prevented from meeting each other. During an episode of MBC’s Radio Star, iKON’s Bobby shared that the iKON members weren’t allowed to meet the BLACKPINK members. Bobby also revealed that the only time they could interact with each other is during music shows.