Here’s Proof SuperM And NCT U Teased aespa’s Debut Right Under Everyone’s Nose

Those NCT U and SuperM music video scenes make a lot of sense now.

After dropping teasers and more information on their avatar concept, SM Entertainment announced the long-awaited debut date of their newest girl group aespa for November.

Thanks to the group’s eagle-eyed fans, they noticed that their debut had been teased months ago in the music videos for their company’s other artists SuperM and NCT U.

At the end of NCT U’s music video for “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”, it closes with a scene from the inside of a train.

With a purple butterfly soaring through the air, the bottom of the train car was covered in grass and colorful flowers. Though the scene had seemed out of place at the time, it rang a bell as soon as aespa’s “Black Mamba” teaser was released.

| SMTOWN/YouTube

In the latter half of the newly released teaser, the four girls of aespa stood in that same train car with a black mamba snake slithering in. That wasn’t the only hint SM Entertainment dropped.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

In SuperM’s “One (Monster & Infinity)”, Taemin closed out the music video with a solo scene in a grassy field. With a next-gen phone in his hand, he flipped it open to reveal a screen with a now-familiar glowing silver logo.

| SMTOWN/YouTube 

If you’ve seen any of aespa’s official photos or social media pages, there’s no mistaking that same logo as theirs.

While everyone had been looking for everything they could find about aespa, SM Entertainment had been dropping hints all along of what to expect.

| @aespa_official/Twitter

On top of the spoilers no one had caught onto until now, it seems like the universes of SM Entertainment’s groups may be connected as well.