Here’s How Red Velvet Wendy Is Connected To This American Olympian

Wendy and United States gold medalist Amanda Kessel have a connection from the past, but it’s in something neither are currently doing.


During Wendy’s time living in the United States, she attended Shattuck-Saint Mary’s, a famous boarding school in Minnesota.

She was part of the Varsity golf team as a freshman and was the only freshman on the team.


Also on the team that year was senior Amanda Kessel, who is now part of the 2018 gold medal winning United States women’s hockey team.

Amanda Kessel even tweeted at Red Velvet once she realized Wendy attended Shattuck-Saint Mary’s too.


Shattuck-Saint Mary’s also sent a tweet congratulating Wendy and Red Velvet on their performance at the Winter Olympics.


Also on the varsity golf team that year were current NWHL (National Women’s Hockey League) athletes Alyssa Gagliardi, Breanna Simon, and Dana Trivigno.

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