Here’s The Story Of How BIGBANG’s G-Dragon Predicted His Breakup With His Past Girlfriend

G-Dragon can see the future.

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon seems to get caught in dating rumors all the time, as there have been plenty of celebrities that have been linked to G-Dragon. One of these celebrities is Dara (Sandara Park), who is label mates with G-Dragon.

This ended up being a misunderstanding, as G-Dragon was just being playful with Dara.

The BIGBANG members have revealed in the past that G-Dragon is quite bad at dating. G-Dragon seems to love giving relationship advice, but they aren’t always the best.

He’s very good at counseling you, warning you, and giving advice, but none of it is helpful at all. If you end up doing what G-Dragon tells you to do, your relationship gets worse

— Taeyang

G-Dragon also seems to run into some unfortunate events when it comes to dating.

When G-Dragon was together with one of his past girlfriends, he imagined what his life would be like if they were to break up.

With these sad thoughts, G-Dragon decided to write a song.

A few months later, G-Dragon ended up breaking up with his girlfriend, which he later found to be a little scary.

Here is the full video below!