Here’s Why Taeyeon Is Truly The Master Of The “Ending Pose”

Taeyeon brings her own flair to the end of a performance.

The “ending pose” for K-Pop groups is a very important part of the song’s choreography, since it’s the last moment to make an impact – like the exclamation point at the end of the performance.

With the rise of shows like Produce 101, where a contestants expression at the end of a performance can make or break them, the “ending pose” has gained more and more importance in the industry.

Earlier in 2018, Baekhyun‘s sexy expression and pose at the end of EXO‘s performance of “Diamond” at the Golden Disc Awards was so memorable for fans it trended for days.

And ONO Entertainment trainee Jang Moon Bok shot to fame (although he was already high in the rankings) thanks to his ending pose in Produce 101‘s “PICK ME (It’s Me)” performance, because he looked like DIA‘s Chaeyeon.

Here’s how Chaeyeon reacted after being told she looks like Jang Moon Bok

But the true master of the “ending pose” is Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who mixes it up depending on what she’s wearing – and makes the clothes part of the pose.

During Girls’ Generation’s “Mr Mr” era, Taeyeon showed off her mastery as the center of the group… adding her own sense of flair when she wore the “maid” collar.

Rocking a neck tie…

And ending with a flash of a jacket.

Even if she had no jacket or other embellishment, she still brought the attitude.

There’s a reason she’s been called one of the top idols in the business!

Source: Pann