Here’s A “Trend” Seen Among Artists Who Leave SM Entertainment, But Not Seen In YG Or JYP Entertainment

This is quite interesting.

The “Big 3” (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment) in K-Pop are all unique, but there is something that happens quite frequently to SM Entertainment when compared to the other two companies.

When compared to the other two companies, SM Entertainment has had several lawsuits filed against them by their artists. Many artists from SM Entertainment have filed lawsuits against the company due to the contracts being unfair to them. Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun, who are all former members of TVXQ, filed a lawsuit against the company when they felt that the profit distributions were too in favor of the company. Also, most artists who leave SM Entertainment usually don’t speak much about the company.

When compared to SM Entertainment, artists who leave JYP Entertainment or YG Entertainment are quite the opposite. Most artists who leave these companies usually speak quite positively about the company. Both companies have pretty much never had an artist file a lawsuit against them. When it comes to JYP Entertainment, many artists who left the company have spoken on how they still retain a great relationship with Park Jin Young. Jia, who is a former member of Miss A, even captured a photo of Park Jin Young visiting her in China a few months after she left the company. 

The same can be said about YG Entertainment and its former CEO, Yang Hyun Suk. Nam Tae Hyun, who is a former member of WINNEReven spoke on how he still kept in touch with Yang Hyun Suk after he left the company.

“I text him (Yang Hyun Suk) from time to time and say hello, and he texts me from time to time to check on me.”

— Nam Tae Hyun