Here’s The Truth About Idols Dating, According To A Former Idol And Trainee

They spilled some hot tea about idols’ dating habits 🍵

Former idol Coco from the disbanded duo CocoSori and former JYP Entertainment trainee Gina Maeng got together for Tea Time to spill the truth about idols dating.

Gina Maeng | thesummergirl_10/Instagram

When the topic of trainees dating came up, Coco admitted, “Everyone dates, okay? Everyone! It’s just a matter of how well you hide it.” The same logic applied to idols.

Even though she was originally hesitant, Coco said, “I don’t want to say this. I might be breaking everyone’s fantasies, but all of your favorite idols, they’re dating.

Gina Maeng agreed wholeheartedly and revealed that female and male idols were dating familiar faces. Though Coco burst into laughter from the honesty, Gina Maeng added, “They’re dating each other. They are.

Spilling even more tea, Gina Maeng shared that some idols might even be dating at least two members who are part of the same group. She said, “And then with other members of the same group.

To put idols’ dating habits into perspective, Gina Maeng noted that other idols typically surround idols. She said, “But to be fair, that’s the only company you have. That’s the world that they live in.

In the same way that college students date other college students or co-workers date, it makes sense for idols to date other idols. After all, they have a lot in common in regards to lifestyle and career.

Check out Coco and Gina Maeng spilling hot tea about idols dating here.

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