Here’s Two K-Pop Groups With The Hardest Choreography, As Told By An Idol Trainer

Being a K-Pop idol is harder than you think.

An idol trainer chooses two K-Pop groups, one male and one female, in order to analyze why these groups have the hardest choreography. He emphasizes the fact that he will not only be talking about songs that require strength but also ones that have the highest injury risks.

As for his two choices, he chose BTS and GFriend as his groups to analyze. Starting with GFriend, he reveals that he first knew about them through their music. The group’s orchestra style sounds and concept were his style and so he just listened to their music without watching any performances. He felt that with this type of sound that their dances would most likely be pretty and soft just like the songs.

He first came across a performance video of GFriend after his friend recommended him to watch one. He was shocked at what he saw. Their moves were much more intense then what a girl group would normally do and they all moved in unison in regards to dancing on the offbeat or moving formations. He felt that this group released pure and innocent sounding songs but performed intense and powerful choreography.

He sometimes even wondered if it’s really necessary for them to dance this powerfully. In regards to the choreography for their song “Me Gustas Tu” he explains that the choreography for when one member slides beneath another member is a very dangerous one that could result in injury if done incorrectly.

Before he moves onto his analysis of the boy group, he prefaces by saying that although he does talk a lot about BTS in his videos, it is necessary as they are world stars for a reason.

He starts off with the most obvious: BTS’s choreography is just difficult. There is no real reason to go in depth about the formation or the moves because overall it’s just so hard to do. He reveals that most of BTS’s dance moves are very fast paced and powerful, making it quite hard to make it through without any injuries.

He refers to several dances to show how difficult the choreography can be.

“Spring Day” has a move that requires them to fall on the ground and come back up again. He emphasizes the fact that all weight from the legs need to hit the ground first before they can push their hands on the ground to get back up. One false move and they could hurt their wrists.

In the song “IDOL,” the move where they are all spinning around, you can see that all the other members spin in a fluid motion, whereas Jimin can be seen lingering in the air for a few extra seconds. He believes that he is able to do this through his training in modern dance.

Overall, he believes that because K-Pop idols are known to be multi-players, meaning that they are good at not only singing but also dancing and entertaining while having the visuals and the personality. This growing concept of idols has helped improve K-Pop throughout the years, but it has also strained the idols in the industry who are constantly trying to meet the ongoing trend of what a K-Pop idol should be. While change and improvement may be good, it is also important to focus on the well-being and health of the idols as well.