Here’s What Donnie Yen Did To Get Backstage Photos With BTS

Donnie Yen revealed he took 100 photos with BTS and staff members to get his daughter a backstage photo with the group.

Source: IBTimes

Donnie Yen was recently spotted at BTS’s Wings Tour in Hong Kong with his children, where he ended up being the star of the show backstage.

His daughter is a huge fan of BTS, so he tried to go backstage to get her a photo with the group.

But he was bombarded by staff members, and ended up taking photos with over 100 different people to get his daughter a photo with BTS.

Even BTS themselves wanted a photo with Donnie Yen, so he took one photo with each member.

Jungkook has admitted to being a big fan of Donnie Yen, so he must have been excited to finally get to meet him.