Here’s why GFRIEND and INFINITE’s dance moves are so similar

GFRIEND has recently found itself at the centre of a debate around the choreography for their Fingertip MV as many accuse them of stealing moves from INFINITE.

Plagiarism of all sorts has been a hot topic in the industry recently with accusations leveled against domestic composers like Lee Seung Joo and foreign artists alike.

Most recently, netizens have been accusing GFRIEND of having stolen a portion of the choreography to their new song “Fingertip”. In the music video, the part in question sees them twirl into a staggered formation, wave their arms, and bring their hands together.

Fans noticed that this choreography closely resembled INFINITE’s choreography from their Be Mine MV.

Both groups have their members standing in similar positions as they make the same dance moves. They step out with one foot as they wave up and down between their hands before coming back again. Both groups convey a similar level of power in their dance moves as well.
In fact, however, netizens found that this choreography is not unique to INFINITE either. Many dancers around the world have used the same choreography in their dance moves.

In light of this evidence and the weight of logic, netizens were quick to defend GFRIEND, as using a similar dance move as another group is not usually considered plagiarism. Indeed, if one were never allowed to reuse dance moves, choreography as we know it, would cease to exist as every move imaginable would be off limits.

Source: Dispatch