Here’s Why iKON Did Not Make A Comeback For A Full Year 

It’s been a full year since iKON released a track in South Korea and the members pointed out the reason for their long hiatus. 

iKON recently returned to the music scene with their latest album New Kids: Begin. In a series of interviews, the members have expressed their feelings about their comeback and explained the reason behind their break.

According to member Jinhwan, their comeback felt as if they were making their debut again as it has been so long since they promoted in South Korea.

“When it comes to a new group, our break was very long. We also waited for a long time for our comeback. As we prepared for this, my heart grew more and more uneasy. We prepared so much to show a different image, both individually and as a team.

– Donghyuk

They also provided more details about their break and emphasized that it was a time of no rest. They were busy with overseas tours and several promotions in Japan, as well as preparing for their new music.

Yang Hyun Suk was also apparently the main person that suggested the year break. According to the group, YG Entertainment’s founder and executive wanted the members to gain more stage experience no matter the size of the stage.

Due to this idea, the members were able to feel more comfortable and relaxed performing onstage in such a short time.

“It does not matter whether we are on a big or small stage, we can meet many fans. By listening to Yang Hyun Suk’s advice, we were also surprised at how much we grew. It feels like iKON is complete now.”

– iKON

iKON remains busy promoting their latest release and double title tracks “Bling Bling” and “B-Day.”

Source: Tenasia and SportsChosun