Here’s Why WINNER’s Mino And Block B’s P.O Remain Best Friends Even After 12 Years


WINNER’s Mino and Block B’s P.O are known to be best friends since high school and have revealed their close friendship to the public through social media and various TV programs.

P.O also revealed that he treasures his high school uniform because of all the memories he holds with it such as meeting his best friend Mino!

During their most recent radio session of “Brrrr Friends” on Naver Now, Mino reveals what P.O did for him on his birthday.

Mino stated that he didn’t have anything planned for his birthday and after P.O found out about that he gathered some friends and surprised Mino in front of his house with a party.

Although that was touching and sweet, Mino added that there was something else that P.O did that made him truly grateful to have him as a friend.

P.O sent a bouquet of flowers and a cake to Mino’s mom and thanked her for giving birth to his best friend.

Fans who heard this cute story could see why they have been best friends for so many years. The love and gratitude that they have for each other is evident in their actions and words towards one another.

How great would it be to have a best friend like P.O?