Block B’s P.O Treasures His High School Uniform All Because Of WINNER’s Mino

P.O held on to his uniform all this time:

Block B‘s P.O holds his high school uniform near and dear to his heart and it’s all because of his bestie, WINNER‘s Mino!

Image: @pyojihoon_official/Instagram

Through an episode of Mapo Hipster, Mino got the chance to explore P.O’s closet and learn a little bit more about P.O’s all-time favorite fashion pieces.

And it was through his explorations that Mino learned just how much P.O’s school uniform means to him! As P.O was distracted answering questions, Mino peeked into one last thing and found something that completely surprised him — P.O’s Hanlim Multi Art School uniform!

Intrigued, Mino quickly asked his bestie about the school uniform and found out that P.O really likes his school uniforms!

Mino: What…? You keep your school uniforms here?

P.O: I love school uniforms! I never threw them out.

There’s a very sweet reason behind his love for the uniform, however! As everyone was teasing P.O for keeping the uniform and wondering if the uniform was the reason he had decided to attend Hanlim in the first place…

P.O revealed the reason he loves the uniform so much is because of Mino!

No, but… That’s where I met Mino. It was the best school ever!

— P.O

His uniform holds a lot of precious memories for him because he met Mino during his school days!

Could their friendship get any sweeter! Prepare yourself for some major uwu and check out the full uniform confession for yourself at the 12-minute mark below:

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