“Hi Bye, Mama!” Seo Woo Jin Reminds Fans That He’s Actually a Very Handsome Boy in New Photos

He cut off his long hair after playing Kim Tae Hee’s daughter in “Hi Bye, Mama!”

With the popular drama, Hi Bye, Mama! coming to an end, the child actor who played Kim Tae Hee‘s daughter, Seo Woo Jin cut off his long hair and flaunted his handsome visuals in new photos.


Despite some controversy surrounding the fact that he was a boy playing a girl character, Seo Woo Jin did a stellar job in portraying the role of Kim Tae Hee’s daughter, Seo Woo.

And as soon as he finished filming the last episode, he got a fresh new haircut and uploaded new photos on his Instagram account.

If you thought he looked great in his role…

You haven’t seen anything yet.

The photo shows Seo Woo Jin looking very different from the way he looked in the drama.

While his beautiful facial features stood out in the drama, his new photos prove that he’s indeed a very handsome boy.

His natural poses in the photos suggest that he might even have a knack for modeling.

The great contrast between the two looks just goes to show just how talented Seo Woo Jin is as an actor.

And what’s the most exciting of all is the fact that this just the beginning of Seo Woo Jin’s career.

Check out some more photos of handsome Seo Woo Jin below:

Source: Insight