The High Notes In “Life Goes On” — Is It BTS Jimin’s Or A Woman’s Voice?

The debate is over!

During an interview, BTS‘s Jimin answered a question about “Life Goes On” that was causing a lot of debate amongst fans.

Specifically, during the chorus of the song, some fans thought it might have been a woman’s voice instead of Jimin’s voice.

Jimin admitted that he and a producer discussed the possibility of including a woman’s voice on the track and that it would be a good addition to the song.

However, it was difficult for them at the time to reach out to a female guest vocalist.

But we weren’t in the position to find a voice immediately.

— Jimin

In the end, they decided that adding Jimin’s voice would be the most practical and meaningful choice.

So it went like, ‘You should try singing it, your voice could be even better,’ and we thought including a member’s voice would be nice.

— Jimin

Because of Jimin’s incredible vocal range, they didn’t have to look elsewhere for a guest vocalist.

That’s just one of the many perks of his talents!

Watch Jimin’s full interview about his contribution to BTS’s album BE below.


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