Highlight’s Kikwang Is Going Viral For His Vampire Visuals

He just gets younger and younger!

K-Pop idol group Highlight has finally made a comeback after almost two and a half years with their third mini album, The Blowing.

Aside from the music and concept of the album, the visuals of the members have caught the attention of netizens and fans.

| @Highlight_AUent/Twitter

Member Kikwang in particular is blowing fans’ minds with his un-aging vampire visuals!

Born in 1990, this makes him 31 years old (international age), and yet his visuals just keep getting younger and younger.

For comparison, let’s take a look at some photos from childhood to present day.

In his younger photos, you can see that he still has a bit of his baby face!

Honestly, he still looks the same as his high school photo!

His visuals remain unchanged even in their 2009 debut music video for “Bad Girl”.

| BEAST 비스트/YouTube

This photo from 2018 just proves he does not age…

| gttk0000/Instagram

…and this is from their most recent MBC Music Core performance!

Fans still can’t believe that this is the visual of a 31 year old K-Pop idol!

  • What is going on here..he is so handsome.
  • Once again it is just me who is aging…
  • He seriously looks like a rookie idol that just debuted.
  • He was always good looking and he still is good looking…
  • How can this be a visual of a thirty something idol…
Source: theqoo