High Schoolmate Of aespa’s Winter Reveals Yet Another Past Photo And Reveals How She Was Like In School

She revealed Winter’s true personality.

Aespa‘s Winter has been getting lots of love from the fan community due to her cute looks and personality. Her past photos have also been constantly revealed on community sites by her friends. Previously, her middle school graduation photo was revealed.

However, most recently, one of her high school mates decided to reveal her high school yearbook photo! She posted it along with the caption, “human deer, she’s kind and pretty. Her photos are pretty but I don’t have many of her high school pics so I’m revealing this one so you guys can fangirl on her. Her real life looks are a hundred times prettier.

The friend also ended up receiving an anonymous question about Winter’s personality. She deftly replied, “she’s a little shy towards those that are shy too…and she’s kind…when she’s with unnies she close with, she’s super lively…she was kind…and nothing about her is twisted…that’s my memory of her? I think you don’t need to worry about any character controversies from the past?

There you have it! Not only is Winter amazingly beautiful, she’s also kind and lovely.

Source: pann