Highschool Photos Of Kim Go Eun Shows She Was Born To Play Ji Eun Tak

Photos of Kim Go Eun during her school days have surfaced online, and she looks exactly the same.

Kim Go Eun popularity has been on the rise with her performance in various drama series, such as Goblin and Cheese in the Trap. Soon, her unique and natural beauty started setting new standards of beauty in Korea, and despite her monolids and overall natural look, she still received accusations of having cosmetic surgery done on her eyes to make them wider.

However, Kim Go Eun’s photos from when she was attending Kaywon High School were recently shared in an online community portal post, and netizens soon realized that she hadn’t changed one bit since high school, and that she was indeed a natural beauty.

Furthermore, netizens were shocked to see that Kim Go Eun’s uniform for her high school looked identical to the uniform she wore as Ji Eun Tak in Goblin, prompting them to think she really was destined to be the Goblin’s bride.

Check out some of her high school photos here!

Kim Go Eun poses with a cheeky expression net to her classmate.
The way she ate was even adorable!
Kim Go Eun looks like she could have taken this photo while on the set of Goblin!
She hasn’t changed at all.

Source: Dispatch