Black Eyed Pilseung Reveals How He Made Sure To Create His Girl Group, STAYC, With Only Scandal-Free Members

Here’s how he made sure none of them had a scandalous past.

Black Eyed Pilseung recently created the girl group of his dreams after a long 3 years of searching for the right trainees. His methods resulted in STAYC, who are eating up the scene! He shared his secret to creating a girl group free from scandals and drama.

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Firstly, he shared about how the company goes about looking for trainees. Although some are chosen through auditions, sometimes staff will pay visits to vocal and dance academies to look for potential candidates.

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Although companies hold auditions, we also go to visit academies as there are kids that dream of becoming idols who go to them. Firstly we have to see if they have potential on camera and we make sure to carefully look at them. After, we conduct interviews and pick from there again. Through the process, we check if they have a clear goal and if they are doing well at school. We also look through their Facebook and Instagram and similar social media accounts. We will definitely reject anyone that used to be a delinquent. This is as if their past gets exposed during promotions, the company will be put in a bind and what we invested in them will also be wasted.

— Black Eyed Pilseung

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When asked if one had to be of a good character to become an idol, he shared that that was just the basis of it.

Adults see idols as kids who are pretty and handsome, and although they dance well, their skills aren’t great. But this is not true. The kids who became idols are ones that have had strong goals since young. The process of becoming an idol in itself is also really tough. Not only singing and dancing, but foreign languages and character values are part of the education they receive. They go through a tight curriculum. Also nowadays, unlike in the past, they have to continue their schooling as well. The basics of these is having a kind character.

— Black Eyed Pilseung

With such tight guidelines in choosing trainees to debut, it is no wonder that STAYC is fast gaining popularity!

Source: theqoo


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