A Hilarious Similarity Between TWICE’s Jihyo And BTS’s Jungkook Has Fans Amused

Spiritually connected foodie behavior.

BTS and TWICE are perhaps two of the most successful names in K-Pop worldwide. Both groups have set new records, achieved unprecedented success through hard work, and share fantastic chemistry among members. But fans have found a new ground of likeness between them, specifically between TWICE’s leader Jihyo and BTS’s maknae Jungkook.

(left) BTS and (right) TWICE at Music Bank | KBS WORLD TV/YouTube

Both these performers are known to give their all on stage. But off-stage, there is a unique habit that they share. Jihyo and Jungkook react the same way to delicious food — with an angry frown.

An eyebrow scrunch is the most effective way to know if a dish is satisfying to either of these ’97 liners. Fans cannot stop thinking about how chaotic the atmosphere will be at a dinner with these two in the same room.

BTS and TWICE have always shown respectful appreciation towards each other as artists. Jihyo won ARMYs’ hearts in 2018 when she said in an interview that she was grateful to BTS for opening up the doors for them to promote in the U.S. and become better-known internationally.

From vocals to humility to the love of food, it seems like Jihyo and Jungkook have a lot of the same lovable characteristics.