The Hilarious Thing That NCT’s Chenle Demands To Be Called When Playing Video Games, According To YangYang

Has YangYang been adopted?

NCT‘s YangYang revealed that Chenle has a very specific condition for granting help when they play video games, and it’s probably not too surprising coming from Chenle.

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YangYang must have been in the mood to expose people when he went live on Weibo on March 13 because he not only hilariously threw Xiaojun under the bus for not replying to his cat spam

…but he also revealed that when he plays video games with Chenle and needs saving, Chenle demands that YangYang call him ‘dad.’

While’s Chenle’s amusingly odd condition for help is new in regards to YangYang, Chenle actually has a long history of jokingly referring to Mark as his ‘son’…


…and himself as Mark’s father (which is made funnier by the fact that Mark is actually older than him).

In fact, a weird discussion was once had to establish when Chenle ‘had’ Mark…

…which, it’s safe to say, left everyone with more questions than answers. Seeing as Chenle has referred to Mark as his son and to his own dog, Daegal, as his daughter (meaning Mark is Daegal’s older brother)…

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…the new question is, what does that make YangYang?