Hit K-Drama “Extraordinary You” Under Fire After A Footage Of Rude Staff Goes Viral

“The production team is complete garbage.”

Extraordinary You, starring SF9‘s Rowoon as one of the male leads, has recently found itself under fire after a footage from its college campus shoot revealed a production staff member being disrespectful to the students passing by the set.


In this short 6-second clip, a female voice — allegedly belonging to the drama production team — aggressively shouts at Dongduk Women’s University students to stop taking pictures of the set and stars.

Extraordinary You staff screaming while shooting at our school on a Thursday in broad daylight when there are tons of students on campus. She’s saying, ‘Are you ladies going to watch? How many times do I have to tell you to stop taking pictures?’

— Twitter @c_cxxn117


As the clip went viral, other Dongduk Women’s University students also tweeted their unpleasant encounters with the Extraordinary You production team. A student by the Twitter handle of @sefgyu shared that the staff threatened to sue the onlooking students if the show gets spoiled.

The campus belongs to us, the students. The fact that we like the show and the stars in the show does not put you in a higher position than us. So stop speaking so informally to us, production team. What happened after is actually even more disturbing. One of the staff had a big DSLR camera. Then that staff suddenly aimed the camera at us and took our picture. It’s not like we agreed to have our picture taken for simply being there. They threatened to sue if we spoiled the show online. The aggressive behavior that followed was simply disgusting. That’s the price to pay for liking the show, huh? Even though we are the viewers and consumers of that show, you are still superior, huh? Every time something like this happens, it frustrates me so much.

— Twitter @sefgyu


Others, including @5hNeKbo8ktDXyhH on Twitter, revealed that the production team also smoked and littered on campus, showing no respect for the campus space.

Extraordinary You is shooting on my school campus today and the production team is complete garbage. They smoked in no smoking zones on campus. They kept asking the students to quiet down when they chose to shoot in the middle of the day when students have breaks and commutes. They cursed so much too… How disappointing and rude.

— Twitter @5hNeKbo8ktDXyhH


There has not yet been any kind of response from the series’s production team. As the frustration with the show grows, however, students look forward to hearing back from the Extraordinary You staff and/or the school to take some sort of action.

I hope the school does something about this. The students are rightfully there. They are also the ones making up the show’s viewer ratings. Are the staff members out of their minds?

— Netizen

Source: THEQOO