Hong Seok Cheon Explains to His Daughter That He Never Went to Her Graduation Because of His Gender Identity

Hong Seok Cheon’s daughter, Hong Joo Eun opened up about how distant she feels from her father.

On a recent episode of Channel A’s Eye Contact, Hong Seok Cheon had a heart-to-heart with his older sister’s daughter, who is also his daughter by adoption.

Hong Seok Cheon’s daughter, Hong Joo Eun opened up about how distant she feels from him.

We really don’t know each other. I feel like I know less about you than other people. I moved to Samgakji to live closer to you. But nothing has changed compared to when we lived far apart.

– Hong Joo Eun

And Hong Seok Cheon agreed.

Except for when you were little, we really haven’t spent much time together.

– Hong Joo Eun

When Hong Seok Cheon couldn’t remember what school she went to in America or even where it was located, Hong Joo Eun explained that she studied hard to make him proud.

The tuition was expensive. So I studied hard and got a scholarship. I came back early because I graduated early. I wanted to show you that I can do what I set my mind on.

– Hong Joo Eun

But there was one part that Hong Joo Eun was particularly sad about.

But I was sad you didn’t come to my graduation.

– Hong Joo Eun

It was revealed that Hong Seok Cheon never went to any of his daughter’s school entrance or graduation ceremonies.

And the reason behind it was beyond devastating.

Do you know why I never went to your school entrance or graduation ceremonies? I was worried you’d be bullied because of my gender identity. I thought it was better that no one knew I was your father.

– Hong Seok Cheon

But Hong Joo Eun assured him that she proudly tells people about him and that he shouldn’t have had such worries.

I think you were worried all by yourself. I actually proudly tell people about you.

– Hong Joo Eun

Check out Hong Seok Cheon’s full heart-to-heart with his daughter below:

Source: Insight