H.O.T.’s Tony Ahn Describes the Most Expensive Gift He Was Ever Offered From a Fan

That must’ve been one rich fan.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s Between Quiz and Music, H.O.T.‘s Tony Ahn confessed that he received very extravagant gifts from fans during his days as an idol.


On the show, Tony Ahn appeared in the outfit he sported for H.O.T.’s hit song, “Candy” and showed off his impressive dance moves.

Between Quiz and Music is a show that looks at popular music from the 1990s and 2000s and conducts quizzes with them.

During the show, Noh Hong Chul asked, “What gift did singer Kim Jung Min receive from a fan in the states?” to which Tony Ahn picked the answer “apartment”.


He then went on to tell the story of the time he was offered an apartment as a gift from a fan.

One fan offered to gift me with an apartment. I turned it down at the time, but I regret it now.

– Tony Ahn



Tony Ahn also revealed another crazy gift that he actually received from ao fan.

I even received 3000 pyeongs of land on a star. It even came with a NASA certification.

– Tony Ahn

After debuting with H.O.T. in 1996, Tony Ahn and his fellow members took the world by storm with their explosive popularity, making way for many more K-Pop idols to come.

He now appears on various television programs and continues to spread his knowledge on music and the entertainment industry.

Source: Insight