“Hotel Del Luna” Brought Back BTS’s “WINGS” Era With This Reference

ARMYs spotted this Easter egg in Episode 12.

Hotel de Luna‘s writers must be big BTS fans. That’s what some ARMYs are thinking after they spotted an Easter egg in the latest episode!


Hotel del Luna takes place at a hotel for ghosts who wish to sort out unfinished business. Some guests use a special “dream phone” that allows them to speak to the living through dreams.


In Episode 11, a ghost ARMY repped the fandom by using the phone to tell BTS how much she adores their music.


In Episode 12, IU‘s character takes on the role of Grim Reaper to visit a boy who is, quite literally, living on borrowed time. He was supposed to pass away three years ago, but his parents extended his life by surgically adding other people’s lifelines to his.


The boy is reading Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth. This 1981 German novel is about a boy who exists between the real world and the world of illusion.


This novel is also the basis for BTS’s WINGS album, most notably “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. Thanks to BTS, Demian has become an immensely popular novel in South Korea.


Will Hotel del Luna drop more BTS references? Let’s hope so!

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